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“Put that burger away! It’s killing your precious brain cells!”

A good diet is a great way to boost brain power and they can go a long way in turning children into smarter and healthier individuals.


Egg yolks are found to be rich in lecithin which is an important ‘brain food’ and contributes to brain growth and memory in children. Eggs also contain Vitamin A, D and E which are all essential to the healthy growth of the human body.

Apples and Berries

An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away, it also gives a super boost to your little one’s memory! Children are attracted to colourful food and having a snackbox filled with berries and apples that contain quercetin is a sure-fire way to help improve their memory skills.


Even adults have trouble eating green food. But you can make broccoli more fun and tasty, by adding a bit of cheese to it.Greens are a great way to improve brain power!

Milk and Dairy Foods

Unless your child is lactose intolerant, a glass of milk or cheese in their food is essential to their brain tissue growth and also adds to the growth of healthy muscles.

Superfoods are easy to sneak into your little one’s diet and you can even get them involved by asking them to help with a ‘diet plan’. Also,play strategy games with your child regularly and encourage their reading habits so that their brain is up and running smoothly.

Your child’s health is important, just as much as their cognitive and personal growth and development. Download the Mai app to improve your child’s skills and abilities, and also track your child’s growth and development.

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