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Every woman remembers when and where they got their first period. A lot of us probably also wish we’d been a little more prepared.

If your daughter is approaching her first period, how can you help her be ready without embarrassing her?

Many kids have asked their parents what a sanitary pad is having looked at the ads on Television. So how do you go about explaining menstruation to your kid?

1. Start talking about periods

From a very young age, you can start addressing your daughter’s concerns on body changes. This will ensure your kid has a healthy relationship with her body.

2. Get into specifics as your daughter gets older

You can talk with her more about what menstruation means, such as what her first period will be like and the changes her body will go through.

3. Explore period supplies together

From pads, menstrual cups and tampons to period panties, you can address all of your daughter’s concerns and queries.

Get ready to answer a few of your daughter’s questions like:

When will I get my first period?

My period just started, what should I do?

How long will my period last?

How much blood will I lose?

Which product should I use?

Addressing these topics will ensure your daughter feels safe and secure about her body and the changes that she is going through.

Your child’s health is important, just as much as their cognitive and personal development. Download the Mai app to improve your child’s skills and abilities, and also track your child’s growth and development.

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