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Over the last few years, researchers and child-care experts have drawn attention to the linkages between marriage and child well-being. Children’s living arrangements have become increasingly diverse and unstable, which raises important questions about how and why family structure and stability are related to child well-being. How does the relationship you share with your spouse affect your child?

Here’s what your child learns from your marriage


The way in which you speak to each other to resolve conflicts and talk through everyday events, teaches children how to express their own feelings and thoughts. Children benefit from seeing their parents disagreeing (Healthy argument) where they present their own sides to the argument, together work towards a resolution. On the contrary, if children grow up in a home where disagreements are voiced out with loud yelling matches, they’ll learn you must always solve conflicts in a similar manner.

Love language

Children who grow up in a house where parents don’t show affection may be uncomfortable with intimacy in their own relationships later on. Kind, loving and tender relationships teach children what is acceptable, but also, what is not. If they grow up in a loving house, then they will understand the difference between right and wrong treatment in a relationship.


When domestic duties are the responsibility of both parents, stereotypes can go right out the window. Dad can fold laundry and cook meals just as well! This teaches democratic family values and cooperation, instead of stereotypical role assignments they might see in movies or on television.

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