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All moms are supermoms: they are always on top of things when it came to their children’s homework and projects.  What if your child is then forced to face something new- a new teacher, he cannot understand, a new school, a new subject? Will your child be able to explain to you what the teachers expect from him/her.

When a child understands instructions, he/she can retell the concept in his/her own way, without breaking the essence.

We conducted a study in June 2017, in many prominent schools of Bangalore, among students of grade 3, aged between 6 and 10 years. It aimed at finding if they could explain instructions given to them while performing a task.

The study looked into the progressive characteristic of the children. Only 87% of the students are competent to explain the instructions given to them, said the results.


How to explain instruction to your kid?

Immediate response from many parents would be what is the need to explain the instructions? Wouldn’t it be great if they can frame their own sequence to perform any task?

  • Explaining instructions helps them to come out with more new ideas and correlate them in different environment, without hampering thought process.
  • I have always found my niece understanding readily, and even leading peers. Her dad found ways to let her explain instructions from elders and school.


What would be the result if the children cannot explain instructions?

  • Understanding and explaining instructions helps in analyzing a situation. Lack of this blocks learning new ideas.
  • Explaining directives helps in boosting the conceptual learning process. Children excel in reading, writing, and overall academic performance.
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