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When your kid is studying for finals, good nutrition often is on the very top on the priority list. However, your kids may get into the habit of downing coffee and gobbling maggi because it’s comfort food. Good nutrition should be part of your child’s study plan because it’s going to help them ace their tests.

Here are parenting tips for eating right during exams:

  1. What to eat: As a parent you need to ensure your child is eating right during exams. You could include these brain foods in your child’s diet: Olive oil, walnuts, eggs, fruits, turmeric and vegetables. These foods will increase the blood flow to the brain and repair existing brain cells.
  2. What to drink: It is essential that your kid stays hydrated while studying. Even mild dehydration can adversely affect your child’s short-term memory, attention, focus and concentration. Another point to note is that you avoid sugary drinks in your child’s diet, as they are non-nutritive and lead to loss of concentration.
  3. Rich breakfast: Kids who eat rich breakfasts feel energized through the day and feel more focused.
  4. Brain-Healthy Snacks: If your kid needs to snack during the day, stick to healthy snacks that aren’t going to have your blood sugar rapidly rising and falling. Your child can snack on raw veggies and yogurt or snack on fresh fruits.

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