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When your teen’s grades start falling, it can cause you tremendous stress. While some teens simply stop paying attention in class once they reach a certain age, poor academic performances can also signal an issue and may need your intervention.

It is important that you handle your teen’s poor grades in a manner that will prevent him/her from completely giving up while giving him/her the motivation to do better in the future.

How would you, or better yet, how should you react when your teen is misbehaving?

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can try out:

Choose your battles –

Can you — should you? — punish every single snarky remark? Any remark that is hurtful or demeans another individual, needs a reaction from your end as a parent. This way your teen understands that their words have an effect on people.

Set the home rules –

Let kids know they’re nearing the disrespectful zone with some prearranged signal. This red flag gives them a clear warning that further action will follow if they don’t stop what they’re doing. This way, you are giving your teen the freedom and respect to make a choice and treating them as adults.

No hyper-reactions –

Avoid taking things away from your teen as punishment. If your teen enjoys doing something and is good at it, removing it from his/her life will not motivate him/her. In fact, removing his/her hobbies could cause him/her to give up on it completely.

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