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If you are a mother, chances you get asked the question “What’s for dinner” a million times. So beyond figuring out the dinner, based on the likes and dislikes of every family member, mothers are also confronted with the task of making dinner times meaningful for the entire family.

Here are a few parenting tips on how to make the most out of dinner time.

  1. Get the family together.

It is imperative that the family eats at least one meal together. Dinner time poses the best opportunity to unwind and relax with all members of the family. This strengthens the bonds of the family and also allows you to catch up with your kids and figure out what’s going in their lives.

  1. Responsibility

You can assign different tasks to different members of the family, like setting up the table and doing the dishes. This will teach your kids responsibility.

  1. Manners

Dinnertime also gives you the opportunity to teach your children table manners.

  1. Cook together

Once a week, you can gather your family in the kitchen to cook and prepare the meal. This will help you connect to your child all the while teaching them life skills and responsibility.

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