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Kids tend to indulge their sweet tooth without thinking twice, so it’s no wonder that parents worry about their little ones’ dental hygiene every day. However, parents may have to be at their wits end when it comes to teaching their little ones about dental care.

Cavities and painful tooth problems are a regular hassle that parents have to deal with their kids. The fundamentals of dental health are important to maintain good oral health. When your children learn to brush their teeth at a young age, they are developing routines and skills for life. Without proper brushing, flossing, and routine visits to the dentist, kids are likely to develop cavities and tooth decay.

Here are a few fun ways you can teach your kid about dental care:

  • Create activity sheets –

When your little one is just starting to learn about dental care, you can start off by creating activity charts that map out when your child needs to brush his/her teeth. The timings can be put up along with how long they need to brush their teeth.

  • Colouring activities –

You can give your child the task of drawing the teeth or the activity of brushing the teeth itself etc. This will help you understand how well your child has understood the steps involved in brushing teeth.

  • Maintain a chart –

Till it becomes a routine, you can encourage your little one to brush teeth by maintaining a chart on, if they washed their mouth after every meal and if they brushed their teeth twice a day etc.

  • Loss of teeth –

When your little one’s milk tooth starts to fall away, you need to ensure that your kid knows that he/she shouldn’t tug at it. Also, ensure take your little ones to the regular check-ups with the dentist.

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