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“Stop fighting with your brother”

“I love all my children equally”

These phrases are commonly heard in every house that has more than one kid. No matter how nicely your kids get along one minute, in a flash of a second they are at each other’s throats. It’s a challenge that leaves parents drained, wondering “Why can’t my kids just get along with each others?”

Here are a few parenting tips and useful strategies that will help your kids get along with each other:

  • Avoid taking sides: During an argument, parents need to avoid taking sides and pointing fingers on who is to blame. You can lay down the ground rules, and mete out an appropriate reprimand equally. Another useful tip is that parents should encourage conflict resolution, with minimum interference from you.
  • Avoid comparing children: “Your brother/sister never did this” Each child’s individuality ought to be respected, and avoiding comparisons between children will ensure that your children’s unique strengths and talents are encouraged.
  • Older children can participate in caring for the younger one: When a child is made to feel involved in the family, by contributing to the care and well-being of their younger siblings, the older ones feel more protective and responsible for their siblings. This will also help build the relationships between them.
  • Spend quality time with your kids individually: Ensure your kids have your undivided attention separately at least once a week.
  • Regular family meetings: These casual family meetings will allow your kids to air their grievances and provide a platform to voice their differences. This will minimize the number of arguments and fights that break out between your kids.
  • Discipline separately: When one of your kids acts out or misbehaves and you have to dole out a punishment, ensure you talk to them separately, this avoids negative behavior and comparisons of the punishments.

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