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Every child has fears in varying degrees. Some are the normal fears of childhood while others are not. It is the role of the parent to reassure a frightened youngster. It also falls onto the parents to help their little ones deal with their phobias.

Some of the common fears that children have include:

  • Fear of the dark
  • Fear of animals
  • Fear of doctors

Here are a few parenting tips on helping your kid deal with their fears:

Understand what it is and why

It’s so easy to dismiss a child’s fears. Even if the anxiety is related to something that can’t be dangerous. It is important to validate a child’s fears, even if they seem silly. It seems very counter-intuitive—you might think that validating a fear will make your child more scared. In reality though, it will help them process the emotion and move through it. When you hear them out, they will feel heard and it’s the first step of understanding the “why” behind their fears.

Calming techniques

In extreme moments of fear, words are not enough. Rhythmic, steady motions like rocking in a chair, hugging and swaying to and fro helps release tension and calm your child’s mind.

Physical exertion like can help relax some kids, while calming activities yoga and breathing exercises will help calm them down.

Facing their fear

Allow your child to slowly confront their fears step-by-step. Be there with them to reassure them as they do it.



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