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One of the biggest concerns for any parent from the moment a child is born is keeping them safe. Every parent wants to protect their child from the perils of the outside world in whichever way possible; be it helping them take their first steps without falling down to making sure they’re not lonely on their first day of school. However, today safety just isn’t about teaching our kids about the “big, bad world” outside, there is an extension to that world which we have no control over after a point – and that world is the internet.

Cybercrime today has become a grave issue with parents trying to grapple with a situation that no parenting generation before has had to deal with. However, you can follow a few steps to ensure that your child’s safety is taken care of.

  1. Use child-safety softwares: In other words, you could keep a track of your child’s internet activities and also restrict access to a certain websites, to certain keywords and so on.
  2. Talk to your teen about privacy settings: As tempting as it is to make your profile public in order to garner more likes, and to express yourself freely online, your teen needs to be aware of the consequences of oversharing online. Sit them down and explain to them about how they could maintain privacy on different social media platforms to keep themselves safe.
  3. Place the computer in your living room: Where is it that the family spends most of their time? Place the computer in such an area to ensure that the chances of browsing unwanted sites are minimised.
  4. Stay updated: Following the latest internet trends might be a little too difficult for the even the most tech savvy parents. However, you need to keep yourself updated to figure out what kids are upto these days.

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