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Coaching Classes have become as significant and necessary as schools these days. We can rarely see a kid take something up without the help of coaching — be it studying, playing sports or learning a new instrument. Coaching classes are a trend in India and especially when it comes to the field of education.

But does your child really require these coaching classes?


Some of the advantages that the students get from coaching classes include:

  • Guidance from the subject-matter/field experts which enables them to understand the concepts better
  • Children receive either individual care or are put into classes with a smaller student-to-teacher ratio
  • Coaching classes provide training for specific entrance examinations, which eventually reduces the load on the students and gives them guidance at one place

The other side:

  • Students may not pay attention in the class and may also bunk their school classes as they always have coaching classes to teach them again if they miss anything
  • There may be less scope for inquisitiveness as students are encouraged to accept things given in the textbooks. For instance, our research found that mathematical “magic tricks” – a section common in all coaching class study material was taught to students without making them understand the reason behind that magic
  • All Work, No Play! Coaching institutes leave no time for extra-curricular activities. After school, kids head to the coaching classes straight away, where their already fatigued mind learns less

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