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Some parents have it easy: their kids are ready to go out anytime of the day and interact with others. However, some parents are exasperated with their little ones, as they refuse to leave their parents’ side and hang onto them and shadow their every move. Even as these kids make new friends, they refuse to leave their parents’ side. Even as you go out, your kid might want you nearby all the time, within her eyesight. So what do you do if your kid has separation anxiety?

Here are a few parenting tips on dealing with a clingy child:

  1. Encourage your child to be independent

Your kid will behave less clingy if he/she makes a decision on their own: e.g., if your kid decides to play with the other neighbourhood kids, they are less likely to create a scene of wanting you around. So how do you get them to be independent? Encourage your kid to be self-sufficient, by allowing them to complete small tasks. This will improve their self-esteem as they grow to be confident in handling situations on their own.

2. Notice the changes

One minute things are fine, but the very they want you around every second. So, what brought about this change? You need to notice what upset your little one and be mindful of all your kid’s reactions to a situation.

3. Encourage them to spend more time with others

You can schedule regular play-time with other kids, as this will help your kid get used to being with other people beside you.

4. Do not ignore, discourage, or punish clingy behavior: Responding to clingy behavior by ignoring or punishing it may make your child less likely to come to you when she is feeling scared or vulnerable.

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