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“What do you want to become when you grow up ?” This is a question every parent faced during their childhood; the answer ranged from being a doctor, engineer, MBA to a scientist. These professions are directly linked to the streams that one decides to take up to study, be it – science, commerce or humanities. This crucial decision that every student has to make, has a direct bearing on his/her future career opportunities and success.

What is your child interested in?

Which subject excites your kid more than the others? Is your kid a science freak, commerce whizz or an arts’ fan? Only your child can figure out in which stream, his/her chances of success as a professional is the highest.

So, following some of the tips to guide your child, before he/she could make that crucial decision:

Talking to professionals –

Make an effort to identify professionals in your circle who are currently pursuing careers in various streams such as medicine, management, teaching, acting etc. Then, ensure your child spends some quality time speaking to them and appreciate the reasons for their choice and pros/cons of their profession. This can be a very effective tool for assessing the various career options.

Money/market scenario –

Does your child’s would-be-career pay? Is there a demand for its graduates in the market? Make sure your child takes the help of a guide (teacher/mentor) regarding this.

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