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With summer right around the corner, parents start thinking about summer plans for their child. Choosing the right camp for your child might seem like a difficult task, as you have to navigate through the world of camp types, subjects, and fees. There’s no need to worry though! Read to find the ways of choosing the right summer camp for your kid.

  • The first thing to do is match up your kids’ interests with a camp they’ll enjoy. If your child is into computers or programming, look for computer science camps in your area. If they’re into art or music, check with a local fine arts center
  • Ensure you talk with your kids not just about what type of camp they may want to go to, but how comfortable they are with the idea of overnight, stay-away camps versus day camps.
  • Check out the deals on the summer camps. Before you sign up, reach out to the camp director or admissions staff and ask about sibling discounts or discounts. Many will cut you a break if you send more than one child.
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