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“What do you want to be?
What skills do you have?
What kinds of people do you like to work with? In what kind of environment?
What are your strengths?”

These are the questions high-schoolers are asked from mid-term, as they are posed with the daunting task of choosing a career. Are high-schoolers equipped to make this decision? Are they provided with enough guidance from all ends, to ensure they are making a choice that will suit them well? On what basis will your kid choose a career?

Here’s how you can help your child make this difficult decision
1. Take the time to research.
Many students don’t take the time to do this and end up in a career that is not right for them. Or they drop out of college or change their subjects because they just can’t keep up with the syllabi or they just are not interested in it.
2. Participate in different classes and clubs.
Exposing your child to different activities will help them figure out the different things that they like and dislike.
3. Build relationships with teachers.
Some colleges require references or recommendations from teachers and academicians. Asking your teachers’ help (one who knows your kid’s academic record, ethic, and ability to build positive relationships with peers) will help your child make the right decision.
4. Get an internship
Not only will this teach your kid about responsibility, but it will also provide him/her with the insight into a career that they are interested in.
5. Connect with professionals in the field
Ensuring that your child meets and talks to people who are in the profession that your child is interested in will provide your child with the reassurance that they look for.
6. Attend the career fair with your kid.
You can take your child to a career/education fair, where they may learn what they are interested in and have the chance to find out which schools offer courses in the same.

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