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The concept of trust is a complicated one. It can take years to build, moments to shatter, and the presence or absence of it strongly affects a person’s happiness in life. To trust more is to worry less, and to worry less usually means to be less anxious and less coiled into a knot.

Parents have a significant role in how their children develop trust. It’s a two-way street

What can parents do to show that they are trust-worthy:

1. Keep promises
Follow through with what you tell your child you will be doing.

2. Tell them the truth
Get in the habit of not using white lies with your children.

How to build that relationship with your kids:

1. Listening is different than hearing
listening is an action. To listen to a child means to recognize their words, but more importantly to seek to really understand his or her underlying message.

2. Anticipate your child’s needs based on verbal and nonverbal cues.
It is knowing that a melting-down child, for example, really needs to sleep so instead of unleashing punishments for lashing out, your focus in on calming your child, and figuring out a way to help him/her.

3. Encourage them
When your child meets your expectations, verbally reinforce those positive behaviors by acknowledging her efforts. Show your appreciation with a simple “thank you” or pat on the back, and offer additional privileges and rewards as she becomes more trustworthy.

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