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As a parent you may wonder how your child is doing. In order to determine the well-being of your child, self-esteem is one of the important traits you would like to know about. Teaching life skills to young children and infusing these in their young minds is very important and should not be ignored.

Once children learn the ability to modify their own self and their behavior in order to protect a relationship, we can say that they have learnt an extremely useful skill. It’s apparent that when one modifies oneself, the confidence and the self-esteem are amplified, leading up to a positive change in one’s behavior and character.

A study conducted in several leading public schools in Bangalore showed that only 57% of the children aged 6-10 years adapt themselves to conserve a relationship while doing any task, while 43% children don’t show such trait.

The Significance

Good self-esteem helps children try new things, take healthy risks and brainstorm to solve problems coming across while performing any task. It gives them a solid, strong foundation for their learning and development and in turn, for their life. They learn to believe themselves; don’t become overconfident but they get sure of what they can do well.

From where they get it:

  • Knowing that they’re loved and will always be loved
  • Knowing that they belong to a family and community that values and will always value them
  • Spending quality time with their family
  • Being boosted and encouraged to try new things, finding what they are good at and getting praised for their small, yet important, success steps.

What if they are not able to master it?

Research shows that high self-esteem can help with positive focus and happiness in various stages of life. A happy child will have a good concentration, will be much more positive and he/she is more likely to be successful at school and in relationships. On the other hand, a child with low self-esteem may-

  • Experience quick emotional fall outs
  • Remain over introvert and nervous
  • Easily fall prey to bullying
  • Lose confidence largely and may come across many such issues further in his/her life.

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