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As a parent, you want to provide every opportunity for your child to reach his or her potential.  Communication is an essential part of life and for children speaking eloquently will build their self esteem and give them the courage to interact with their peers and teachers.

Here are a few ways to build your child’s speaking skills:

Engage in discussions

Build an environment for discussion. As this will help the kid to listen to other people speak and also participate in it. So take turns in speaking while you are holding discussions on a certain topic.

Use of Different Words

Help your kid understand that language is a means of communication, and he is required to use words in order to express his feelings and thoughts. Encourage the kid to speak up and do not make fun or be critical straight away on the way that he tries to express himself.

Make it a game

Basically, you have to make efforts on getting the child to talk. Apart from the regular opportunities, say another activity like reading out a bedtime story to the kid and asking the child about what he thinks about a certain character in the story, or encourage him/her to predict on what he thinks will happen next, or maybe try making references in order to build connections between what he is listening and things happening in real life. This activity will help him in building his associative skills as well. He will also develop the quality of being attentive, when he is being spoken to; thus becoming a good and appreciative listener.

Wondering how your child fares on the skills shared in this article? On the Mai app, you can assess these skills, along with getting daily activities which your child can do to improve each of these skills.

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