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A child’s room is incomplete without a budding bookshelf, and here’s how you can build your little one’s library. From classic to contemporary reads, your kindergartener can read these riveting tales.

Most stories for pre-schoolers are in the picture book format; so why are picture books so important?

The illustrations in a picture book help kids understand what they are reading and allow them to analyze and follow the story.

Research shows that picture books are multi-sensory, which aids a child’s growing mind and stimulates their imagination. Not only do kids hear the story, they also see the illustrations, and smell and touch the pages.

Need help finding a good picture books for your little one?

Here’s a list that will definitely keep your little one engaged.

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  2. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbel
  3. Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak
  4. Good Night Baby Animals You’ve Had a Busy Day by Karen B. Winnick
  5. The Noon Balloon by Margaret Wise Brown

Here are a few Indian picture books bound to enthrall your little one’s mind

  1. Maharani the Cow by Christy Shoba Sudhir
  2. Alphabets are Amazing Animals by Anushka Ravishankar
  3. Goble You Up by Gita Wolf
  4. A Village is a Busy Place by Rohima Chitrakar
  5. Mangoes and Bananas by Nathan Kumar Scott

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