Social skills
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You are an extremely proud parent to a naughty but an adorable toddler. You are excited, happy and enthusiastic all at the same time to celebrate your child’s birthday. So obviously you must be toying with the idea of throwing a birthday bash complete with all the party throw-ins.

But hold it!

You need to do a checklist of how you should exactly go about it and here’s what you need to do:

1. How many kids do you invite?
Your child will definitely have ideas of whom they want to invite, so you can use the opportunity to teach them to be considerate of others’ feelings. Explain why inviting 10 out of 12 kids in the class is not nice. Better to invite everyone.

2. How long should the party be?
Keep it short and simple. For a toddler party, the ideal time span should be around 2 hours. Those two hours should be happy and engaging ones. Ensure that the time is not too short or too long.

3. What games to arrange at a party?
Games are a fun way to engage kids. But keep in mind that games should be according to the age. They should be engrossing as well as enjoyable.

4. What food to serve?
Kids love junk food alright but you can’t have all junk and no healthy food. Keep a combination of both of it. Also care should be taken that there is no heavy food.

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