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Wetting the bed can be an embarrassing issue among kids, but it’s actually very common. Children do not do this purpose or out of laziness. According to experts, it often occurs because of a small bladder, delayed bladder maturation, excessive urine production, urinary tract infection, stress, chronic constipation, or a hormone imbalance.

Here are a few parenting tips to help your child keep dry through the night.

  • No blame game

Getting angry with your little one and punishing him for wetting the bed will only add pressure to stay dry and will make the problem worse. So here’s a parenting tip: Stay calm and tell your kid that it’s ok and reassure your child that this happens to many kids.

  • More bathroom trips before bedtime

Make sure your child goes to the bathroom before her bedtime, but also try carrying her to the bathroom again right before you go to bed. Another precaution you can take is ensuring your kid takes

  • Make a chart

You can also track the days your kid is bedwetting and the days he/she doesn’t. This will let you know the days your kid is more prone to bedwetting, and when you share this chart with your child, they will see the progress they are making.

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