With the onset of March, the mercury rise has left everyone searching for ways to keep cool. With schools closing down for summer vacations, parents are grappling with ways to keep their children entertained and summer-safe.

Here’s a list of all the things parents can do to beat-the-heat and enjoy quality time together during the summer with plenty of fun summer activities.

  1. Splash time- most cities have at least one totally free pool at their clubs or local community centres. Find yours and plan a pool-date with your kids! It’s fun to take the time off to splash around and beat the heat, by literally cooling down under water.
  2. Science museum- There’s something about dinosaurs, space, and geology, bugs and birds and History that just makes kids extremely curious. You can also enjoy learning about them with your children in a large, air-conditioned museum.
  3. A trip to the zoo-Even though it’s outside (in the hot sun, your kids will enjoy looking at the animals sun-bathing and coping with the summer. Check your local zoo’s offer this summer and plan a trip.
  4. Science experiments- Using an old pizza box, aluminum foil, tape, scissors, black construction paper, newspaper, and a ruler, you can harness the power of the sun, and teach your kid to harness solar energy.

If it gets really hot, you can always show your kid how to fry an egg on the sidewalk.