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Does your teenager ask a lot of questions? Does he/she believe whatever they hear or see on TV? Does your child blindly follow what the popular trends are? Does your teen weigh the pros and cons of any situation? High school is a precarious stage where your teen might face many situations that will test his/her character: they might face peer pressure to conform to “popular” trends of what they need to wear, how to talk, who to talk to and even habits such as drinking and smoking. Academically, your child might have to make decisions on what stream to pursue in a few years. Analytical thinking allows your teenager to analyze outcomes, compare ideas, identify parallels, sequence events, synthesize information and draw conclusions in every situation.

Recently, we conducted a study that looked the behavior of high schoolchildren (aged between 13 and 16 years), across various schools in Bangalore, and 87% of the parents said that their children know how to use analytical thinking. Analytical thinking helps one solve problems quickly and effectively. This skill empowers teens with the extra boost of self- confidence that allows them to withstand peer pressure and become more self-aware.

Teens who have an analytical mind:

  • Have the power to prioritize things such as studying for pre-SATs, and other competitive exams on their own
  • Are more confident and self-assured as individuals
  • More likely to hold their own during instances of peer pressure
  • Perform better academically and are less nervous before exams and competitions

High schoolchildren who don’t look at things with an analytical mind:

  • Are more likely to be passive in group activities
  • Are less likely to participate actively in group activities
  • This might affect their leadership qualities
  • Might affect their academic performance in some subjects like Mathematics

What can you do to help your kids?

Here’s a parenting tip- Talk about your child’s favorite sport and the different ways in which one can win at that particular sport.  This will encourage your child to play out different scenarios and how to deal with them, thereby empowering him/her to rationalize their way out of problems.

Download the Mai app to improve your kid’s analytical thinking and also assess your child’s skill in ‘Sequencing’.

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